Alibrarymama Focuses on Family Matters

Here’s a review of Hunt for the Hydra that I really enjoyed, from the blog alibrarymama. Here’s the part of Katy’s review that made me cheer:

We are so protective of children right now that often in order for children to have any agency in their own stories, the parents have to be done away with somehow, either by dying or being taken captive or some such. While I can’t deny loving a good orphan story, it’s refreshing to have a family where the parents are very much present and competent, but with good reasons for giving their children a lot of independence – even if the two youngest are going even beyond that in their investigations.

Yep, absolutely. The Jupiter Pirates began with the idea of “a family of space pirates,” with the competition for the captain’s chair as the other piece of the puzzle. I love carbines, battles, treasures and all the other aspects of writing about space pirates, but at its heart The Jupiter Pirates is about families. It’s about how we’re shaped by them and how we define ourselves by discovering which family legacies and traditions we cherish and which we reject. It’s nice to see that I was able to make that connect.

The paperback edition of Hunt for the Hydra will be available in November, followed by The Jupiter Pirates: Curse of the Iris in December. (With previews coming to this space in the fall.) And now I have to get back to writing the third book….