Books4yourkids Reviews ‘Hunt for the Hydra’

Hope you aren’t working too hard on one of the more pointless days in the office and/or classroom. Before the New Year’s festivities begin, I wanted to catch up with some of the reviews that have come in for The Jupiter Pirates: Hunt for the Hydra.

Tanya at books4yourkids gives Hunt for the Hydra a very thoughtful review. She appreciated the world-building, and I was really glad to see her describe the competition for the captain’s chair like this:

Tycho, Yana and Carlos are growing up under constant scrutiny from their captain as [Diocletia] watches their skills develop and calculates which of her three children will make the best future captain. All three want the position badly and all three have different skills. What makes Tycho an interesting character is the fact that, despite his desire to be captain, he knows his weaknesses and he knows when to rely on his siblings and their superior skills in certain areas. He and his twin Yana make an especially good team with Yana thinking outside the box and taking risks where Tycho is a steady hand…

One nice thing about a thoughtful review like this one is it lets you see things you weren’t entirely conscious of during the writing process. Tanya’s absolutely right that Tycho knows his own weaknesses and relies on his siblings. That’s something Yana does reluctantly and we don’t see Carlo do at all. In Hunt for the Hydra, Tycho’s too young and too worried to grasp that knowing your own limitations and turning to others is an important part of being an effective captain. Hopefully he’ll grasp that lesson one day.

Tanya also gave Tom Lintern’s awesome cover some well-deserved praise. I can’t wait for her and everybody else to get a peek at what Tom has done for Curse of the Iris — Tom’s still sketching, but I’m really excited by what I’ve seen so far. I’ll have to ask HarperCollins if we can offer some kind of sneak preview….

If you’ve got your copy of Hunt for the Hydra, I can’t thank you enough. If not, you’ll find order information for books and ebooks over on the home page, or drop by your local bookstore. And if you’d like to preview the book first, or give a friend a sneak peek, you can read, download and share the first five chapters here.

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