Don’t Call It ‘Little Brother’

Jupiter Pirates 2 bgs

Courtesy of HarperCollins, here’s a peek at Curse of the Iris, side by side in the Harper offices with its older brother Hunt for the Hydra.

I almost called Hunt for the Hydra its “big brother,” but Curse of the Iris is 100 pages longer than its predecessor. So scratch that.

As I told students when I visited schools in Litchfield, Conn., Curse is also my favorite book of all the ones I’ve written. Don’t get me wrong: I love Hunt for the Hydra and am very proud of it. But when I sat down to write Curse of the Iris I’d explored the Jupiter Pirates universe, knew the characters, and had zeroed in on what I wanted to say. That means Curse isn’t just longer, but deeper and richer.

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