Curse of the Iris Cover Preview!

This week is gonna be so much fun…

One of the best days on Hunt for the Hydra‘s journey from idea to finished book was when I first saw the cover art by the amazing Tom Lintern. (Check out more of his work here.)

Tom’s been working on the cover for the second Jupiter Pirates book, Curse of the Iris, and I get to unveil it this week.

Here’s what I’m going to do, though:

The cover will be unveiled tomorrow in an email to subscribers to the Crew newsletter. Then I’ll show it off here on Thursday. So if you want to see it first, join the Crew today! It’s quick, super-easy and as a thank you for joining you’ll get an exclusive dossier about the Shadow Comet‘s crew written by Vesuvia, as well as more cool exclusives in the future.

For today, as a teaser, here are two of Tom’s sketches that led to the final cover, including our first look at Yana.

Here’s Tom’s first sketch (click to enlarge):


I loved it instantly, but in talking it over with my editor we decided that the ship’s wheel was a striking image but not quite the direction we wanted to go. Here’s Tom’s revision of Tycho, which I think captures the character beautifully:


If this doesn’t whet your appetite for the final cover, I don’t know what will!

Join the Crew and you’ll see the finished cover tomorrow!