Curse of the Iris Tour No. 3: P/2093 K1

Less than a week till The Jupiter Pirates: Curse of the Iris hits bookstores! Which means it’s time for Day 3 of our tour of the places we’ll visit in the book.

The Hashoones’ treasure hunt leads them to the lonely comet P/2093 K1, and a number of unsettling surprises. I can’t show you a picture of P/2093 K1, since it’s not a real place — and even if it was, that designation indicates it won’t be discovered for nearly eight decades.

But if P/2093 K1 did exist, it would probably look a lot like the comet 67P/Churuimov-Gerasimenko (AKA 1969 R1), visited by the Rosetta mission this fall.

European Space Agency photo of 67P/C-G

That’s a snap of the comet from the European Space Agency.

Drop by tomorrow for a location that will be familiar to readers of Hunt for the Hydra. And look for Curse of the Iris in bookstores on Dec. 16!