Curse of the Iris Tour No. 4: Ceres

Here’s the fourth stop on our tour of places we’ll visit in The Jupiter Pirates: Curse of the Iris — the minor planet Ceres, familiar to readers of Hunt for the Hydra.


This time around we’ll visit some new locations, starting with the Bank of Ceres and its very rude tellers. They’ll find that provoking Huff Hashoone isn’t a good idea, but provoking his daughter Diocletia is even less wise. And while we’re on Ceres, Tycho will have an encounter that changes the competition for the captain’s chair, and his life.

This is an artist’s rendering of Ceres that I found online — the Hubble Space Telescope’s best photo of Ceres is pretty blurry.

Tomorrow: Welcome back to the moons of Jupiter! And look for Curse of the Iris in bookstores Dec. 16!