Curse of the Iris Tour No. 5: Callisto

The fifth stop on our tour of places we’ll visit in The Jupiter Pirates: Curse of the Iris is also a familiar one — Callisto, the moon of Jupiter that the Hashoones call home.

We’ll see more of Callisto than we did in Hunt for the Hydra, though. The Hashoones’ treasure hunt takes them through the underlevels of Port Town, home to Callisto’s desperate souls and those who prey on them — and pray for them. And at Darklands we’ll meet new members of the Hashoone clan, including some who lost out on the competition for the captain’s chair.

Callisto -- NASA photo

This amazing photo of Callisto comes courtesy of NASA. Beautiful place, isn’t it? 

Tomorrow: More moons of Jupiter! And look for Curse of the Iris in bookstores Dec. 16!