A Giveaway for Star Wars Fans

So I was looking around my office and noticed a big stack of copies of my book Star Wars: The Essential Guide to Warfare.

warfareI want you to have one of them. And I’ll personalize and autograph it. So let’s make this happen.

Here’s how it will work:

1) Take a picture of yourself with a copy of Jupiter Pirates: The Hunt for the Hydra. (Please not in the aisle of your local bookstore, for obvious reasons.)

2) Email the picture to jupiterpirates@gmail.com.

Easy peasy, right?

On Jan. 30 I’ll have my kid pick 16 winners at random. If you’re one of them (hope so) I’ll contact you to get your mailing address and ask what you want me to write in your copy of Warfare. Then I’ll put the book in the mail.

That’s it. Buy a copy of Jupiter Pirates, take a picture, get a chance at an autographed copy of Star Wars: The Essential Guide to Warfare.

Good luck!

(In the meantime, join the Crew — that’s the Jupiter Pirates email list — and you’ll get an exclusive dossier about the Shadow Comet‘s crew. Or if you’d like a sneak peek at Hunt for the Hydra, anyone can read, download and share the first five chapters here.)