Happy Release Day!

The day is finally here — The Jupiter Pirates: Hunt for the Hydra is on shelves in bookstores, available for shipping and download, and all those good things.


It’s really weird being the author of a book that isn’t out yet and that nobody knows about. When I signed on with HarperCollins in April 2012, I was over the moon(s) of course. But the publishing process takes time. I realized summer would come and then winter and then it would warm up and then it would start getting cold again and I’d still be talking about this book of mine that I was wildly excited about but no one could read. That was a little peculiar, to say the least.

But the waiting is over — I can finally share the adventures of Tycho Hashoone and his family with everybody. I’ve never done a cartwheel and since I’m 44 and type all day I’d probably hurt myself, but maybe I’ll try one.

So then! Over on the home page you’ll find links to order Hunt for the Hydra as a book or ebook. Or drop by your local bookstore.

If you’d like to preview the book first, or give a friend a sneak peek, you can read, download and share the first five chapters here.

And if you join the Crew (that’s the Jupiter Pirates email list) within an hour you’ll get a link to download an exclusive as a thank-you — a dossier about the Shadow Comet‘s crew prepared by Vesuvia, the ship’s artificial intelligence. In the future I’ll have more goodies like this for members of the Crew, as well as sneak peeks at future books, Jupiter Pirates news and other goodies.

Now I’m off to try that cartwheel….