Happy Talk Like a Pirate Day

“Avast. Belay that, yeh cursed chatty machine.”

That’s one of the first things said in The Jupiter Pirates by Huff Hashoone, grandfather of Tycho, Yana and Carlo, unapologetic former pirate and previous captain of the Shadow Comet.

Talk Like a Pirate Day? For Huff that’s every day.

Huff doesn’t say “shiver me timbers” or threaten to leave anyone swinging from a yardarm — by 2893 A.D. there’s been some modernization of pirate lingo. But he does say Arrrr, and quite a bit too — in fact, Hunt for the Hydra‘s lexicon of spacer terms defines “Arrrr” as “a nonspecific pirate outburst, adaptable to any situation. The more Rs, the greater the intensity of feeling.”

Huff has a beard — at least on the side of his head that hasn’t been replaced by cybernetic parts. He doesn’t have a peg leg, but his lower limbs are metal, and his feet can magnetize themselves to the deck during maneuvers, which is useful. And though he doesn’t have a hook for a hand, who needs a hook when one of your hands has been replaced by a built-in blaster cannon?

Oh, and there are no parrots in The Jupiter Pirates. (Though never say never.)

You can meet Huff and the rest of the Jupiter pirates on Dec. 23, but until then, here are some more Huffisms in honor of Talk Like a Pirate Day:

“Wish I had me persuader. Seems there’s always some young punk what wants to cause a ruckus.”

“Uribel never much cared for bein’ shot at — took it personal.”

“We ain’t for sleepin’ soft and eatin’ dainty, not us!”

“Arrrr, what I wouldn’t do to keelhaul that old bat.”