Jupiter Pirates on the Olympic Peninsula!

So this post is LONG overdue, because I have been on deadline with Star Wars projects. But in March I went to Port Townsend, Wash., which chose The Jupiter Pirates: Hunt for the Hydra as its Family Community Read for 2015. (More about that here and here.)

Port Towsend’s a pretty cool place, with some awesome bookstores, a steampunk pirate store and a great library. And the connection was meant to be — the main settlement on Callisto is Port Town, after all! Port Townsend doesn’t have scads of underground levels, but it does have a one-block underground arcade of stores — which I’m glad to say was neither cold nor dangerous, unlike Port Town’s depths.

I talked about Jupiter Pirates at the public library (a very cool Carnegie building, by the way) and then went to Blue Heron Middle School, where I answered a bunch of very good questions about Jupiter Pirates, its character and plot and then got to talk with the whole school. Many thanks to library director Melody Eisner, to Diane Lashinsky and Cheryl Brady at Blue Heron, and to Jim and Gail at the Commander’s Beach House. And my particular thanks to the library’s Kit Ward-Crixell, who did so much to make this happen and was a kind, cheerful tour guide and historian. Everybody in Port Townsend was kind and welcoming. I had a blast and hope I get to come back!

Some photos from the trip:

Here’s a nice Jupiter Pirates display in the library (with a guest-star role for Zare Leonis from Star Wars Rebels):

That underground block I was talking about. I don’t know, I think this could be Port Town:

This, though, is definitely not Callisto — it’s a panorama from the waterfront:

Here’s a really great display the kids at Blue Heron made for Jupiter Pirates, complete with pirates. THANK YOU GUYS!!!:

And here’s a panorama from Blue Heron just before I started speaking. I love my job!:

Oh, if you go you need to go to San Juan Taqueria‘s taco truck. It was delicious:

And just for fun, some beautiful flowers along the way:

Thanks again everybody!