Kirkus Reviews Curse of the Iris

Arrr! Now here’s a nice way to start off the morning — Kirkus Reviews calls Curse of the Iris “good, old-fashioned, outer-space pirate fun” and writes that “Fry concocts a whirl of space battles, sleuthing, spycraft, domestic spats, and ventures into dangerous locales from seedy Port Town slums to Callisto’s deep, unexplored oceans.”

Curse comes out Dec. 16, and I can’t wait: In it, I explore new parts of the solar system of the late 29th century; dig into the tensions among Tycho, Yana and Carlo; and offer some surprising revelations about the history of the Hashoone family. As Tycho will discover, family secrets are like pirate treasures — they don’t stay buried.

The full review from Kirkus is here.

In the weeks to come I’ll discuss the characters, locations and events we see in Curse — and we’ll have a sneak preview of the book that you can download. So keep watching this page!