Read ‘The Trouble With Crimps’ Right Now

We’re kicking off a busy spring with a new short story — “The Trouble With Crimps” is set between Hunt for the Hydra and Curse of the Iris, and crimps play a role in The Rise of Earth as well. Read the story and you’ll see why Yana detests crimps as thoroughly as she does. Plus you’ll get a closer look at some of the spacers who live and work belowdecks on the Shadow Comet.

“The Trouble With Crimps” is a free PDF that you can read online or download. It’s free for members of the Crew, the Jupiter Pirates mailing list. If you’re not a member, you can join up here. Within the hour, you’ll get a link to access the story and other Crew exclusives.

There’s more to come this spring:

I hope everyone enjoys “The Trouble With Crimps,” and I can’t wait to share The Rise of Earth with everybody in a couple of months.