First Review of Curse of the Iris!

Here’s the first review I’ve seen of Curse of the Iris. It’s by Stephanie Whelan at Views From the Tesseract, and I’m very happy to report that she liked it:

Jason Fry has confident stride in his storytelling that is pure pleasure — even for this reading pro. … It’s the kind of science fiction or space opera that so rarely is done right for kids — but succeeds here mightily.

Stephanie also zeroed in on how Tycho is changing, facing difficult choices, and making decisions he may regret. That’s a major part not only of Curse of the Iris, but the entire series. The Tycho we met at 12 won’t be the same Tycho at 18 or 20:

He’s growing into who he’ll be — facing tough choices about his own actions and desires versus how they’ll affect others. Jason Fry has done a marvelous job of putting Tycho into some difficult positions that cause him to question the pirate philosophy his family embraces, and beginning to reveal a darker and dangerous path of intrigue and deals that Tycho has to navigate. He’s no longer a boy just learning how to be a privateer, he’s a young man coming into his own, taking initiative . . . and maybe making some worrying decisions.

Curse of the Iris will hit bookstores in December, and as always with publishing that seems an agonizingly long time from now. But you can pre-order it now from Amazon, B&N (Nook only so far) or Books-A-Million, and I’ll start previewing elements of the book right here in a few weeks. Can’t wait to share Curse with everybody!