Showing Off Curse of the Iris

Last week I got uncorrected proofs of The Jupiter Pirates: Curse of the Iris, which will hit bookstores on Dec. 16.

From a selfish perspective, this was great because I’m working on the third Jupiter Pirates book (tentatively titled The Jupiter Pirates: Rescue Ships) and it’s much, much easier to look something up by flipping through a physical book than searching a manuscript. Score one for the old ways! More than that, though, it’s always amazing to see a book that began as an idea and a troublesomely blank screen become an object you can actually hold in your hands and flip through.

But enough of my yapping. Here are some pictures.

First off, here’s me with steampunky goggles that reminded me of Tycho’s and a pretty good plastic carbine that I think cost $2 in a general store on Long Beach Island. Score! I can’t wait to run into the first Jupiter Pirates cosplayer. I swear I’ll give them a million dollars. Haha. I don’t have a million dollars, but I’ll sign something pretty neat or pay tribute in some other way.

Jason with Curse of the Iris

As discussed before, Curse of the Iris is 100 pages longer than its predecessor. What does that mean in terms of book? Check it out:

Jason with two uncorrected proofs

You could squash a much bigger bug with that sucker, right?

Very excited to share Curse of the Iris with everybody in December. Before then, I’ll have sneak peeks here and on Facebook, and something exclusive for members of the Crew. That’s the Jupiter Pirates mailing list — it’s free to sign up, and as a thank-you you’ll get a link to download Vesuvia’s dossier on the crew of the Shadow Comet, with info you won’t find in Hunt for the Hydra or Curse of the Iris.