Want a Sneak Preview of Curse of the Iris?

Big day, folks!

First up: The Jupiter Pirates: Hunt for the Hydra is out today in paperback. You can get it from Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Books-A-Million or a local bookstore near you. This is a great chance for friends to check out what Jupiter Pirates is all about, so please spread the word — and thank you for your help!

Next: Let’s celebrate with something cool. How about a sneak preview of The Jupiter Pirates: Curse of the Iris? It hits bookstores Dec. 16, but you can read the first four chapters right now. Read it onscreen, download it for later, pass it on to a friend … whatever you want.

So let me tell you about Curse of the Iris. It’s the story of a treasure hunt, one that begins when the Shadow Comet intercepts a ghost ship with a long-dead crew. That puts Tycho, Yana and Carlo on the trail of a fortune that their great-grandfather Johannes Hashoone helped hide. But in trying to find the legendary Iris cache, the Hashoone siblings will dig up more than they bargained for — because like old pirate treasure, family secrets never stay buried.

Later this fall, I’ll have more about the book, its characters and some of the new places we’ll visit.

By the way, members of the Crew — that’s the free Jupiter Pirates mailing list — got an early heads-up about the Curse of the Iris preview. Crew members also get Jupiter Pirates goodies you can’t get anywhere else, so join today!