Two Takes on Gender and The Jupiter Pirates

I really enjoyed two recent takes on The Jupiter Pirates that I wanted to share.

First up, here’s Jay Shah of Eleven-ThirtyEight on Hunt for the Hydra.  Eleven-ThirtyEight is a site for hardcore Star Wars fans (like me), so Jay’s take is from a Star Wars perspective, but he’s really talking about storytelling, which is universal. I hope you’ll read the whole thing, but here’s a passage I really zeroed in on:

Where The Hunt for the Hydra succeeds admirably is how it deploys female characters. The captain of the pirate ship that serves as the main story setting is a female: Tycho’s mother, Diocletia Hashoone. She’s the captain, and basically the head of the family too. The most important part about this, and why I think it is particularly important for a young audience (but really, everyone) is that it isn’t once commented on as unusual. It’s not an issue: mom’s in charge. Her husband doesn’t make a fuss, her father doesn’t make a fuss, and the only person who could have ever had a claim to the captain’s seat is her sister: but Diocletia earned it by merit (how one earns a captaincy is a running theme in the story), and that’s that. Tycho also has a twin sister – Yana – who seems to have a decided disdain for dresses, and there’s a scene where a particularly snooty character remarks that it’s not very ladylike of her to be a privateer but then that character doesn’t think anyone ought to be a privateer, so it’s not a gendered put down. Yana wants to be who she is, and nobody really has an issue with it.

Eleven-ThirtyEight’s review was followed by thoughts from Tricia Barr of FANgirl (who has a cool new book, Wynde, that you should check out). 

It’s unclear whether Fry thinks hard about it or if it’s natural, but he tells a story that feels like it is steeped in history, yet it is not lazy about buying into historically sexist standards such as stereotypical gender roles. When I closed the first book of The Jupiter Pirates, I felt like my nieces and nephews would all gain from the story being told.

Huh. Really interesting. I guess I need to write that post I kind of promised, don’t I?

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