Talking Jupiter Pirates With The More You Nerd

The More You Nerd

This is a really fun one!

I got on the phone with the merry band at The More You Nerd for a freewheeling conversation about The Jupiter Pirates: Hunt for the Hydra. We talk about … heck, it’s simpler to say what we didn’t talk about. Our discussion includes the difference between pirates and privateers, the struggle between the Jovian Union and Earth, the relationship between the Hashoones and their retainers, where I get the names for characters, storytelling decisions, some teasers about what’s coming in the third through fifth books, and much more.

We even talk about another space-fantasy franchise, a little something called Star Wars.

Check it out here!

Upcoming: There will be a free Jupiter Pirates short story this summer. Members of The Crew will get the first shot at downloading it, so sign up today!