What’s in a Name?

It’s a question I can rely on at every school visit and in every in-depth discussion of Jupiter Pirates: How do you name characters?

Here’s an answer about Jupiter Pirates, written for the very cool Suvudu site and wrapped up with a related question: How did Star Wars influence Jupiter Pirates? I get that one a lot from people who know me from my Star Wars books. The answer, as explored further in the Suvudu post, is that Jupiter Pirates wouldn’t exist without my Star Wars fandom, but some of the connections between my little newborn franchise and George Lucas’s big giant one are coincidences or reflect the basics of storytelling, rather than being true influences.

And that comes full circle with the discussion of names. Star Wars fans have asked me if there’s a connection between Tycho Hashoone and Tycho Celchu, Yana Hashoone and Jaina Solo, or Huff Hashoone and Huff Darklighter. Coincidence, coincidence, coincidence. In terms of names, Jupiter Pirates owes much more to real-world astronomy and — believe it or not — The Chris Isaak Show than it does to the galaxy far, far away. (Though I did unwittingly give readers of Star Wars: The Essential Guide to Warfare a preview of the name “Hashoone,” as I explain.)

Anyway, enjoy!

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