Views From the Tesseract Calls Hydra ‘A Marvelous Space Adventure’

I just read a nice new review of Hunt for the Hydra by Views From the Tesseract. This in particular made my day:

This is the kind of stuff that will capture imaginations and provide readers with possibilities for our future that aren’t uniformly dark or oppressive. It’s a delightfully accessible and vivid read and evidently just the beginning of our crew’s ongoing adventures! I heartily welcome this marvelous space adventure to the shelves and can’t wait to read more!

If you’re a Star Wars fan (or if you know one, or are just curious), here’s how to win a chance at a signed copy of The Essential Guide to Warfare. And please join the Crew – that’s the Jupiter Pirates email list. As a thank you, you’ll get an exclusive dossier about the Shadow Comet‘s crew written by Vesuvia.

Finally, if you know someone who might like a sneak peek at Hunt for the Hydra, they can read, download and share the first five chapters here.